Sarah Hunt
Stained Glass Artist - Small Panels

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Inspired by an old engraving, this panel is made with both machine-made and mouth-blown glass. Each piece is hand-painted using traditional stained glass pigments, which are then kiln-fired into the glass.

Chichester Fish

Chichester Doves

These little panels are an interpretation of designs from kneelers in Chichester Cathedral

Mahogany Cell Structure

This piece of glass is an interpretation of a microscopic view of a transverse section through Mahogany.

I have used the copper foil technique to join the stained and painted pieces of hand-made glass. I also used globs, roundels and agate slices.

Tumour Cells

An interpretation of the microscopic view of a tumour cell, commissioned by an Automated Microscopy Company. In addition to traditional painting techniques, fusing and sandblasting were used to obtain different effects.

Bees dancing

Made using painting, fusing and the copper foil technique.


The cockerel's body is painted on one side with stained glass pigments and on the reverse with silver-stain. The tail and border are decorated by using the scraffito technique. The border of this panel is assembled with traditional lead-work.

Swiss Chard

A complex panel in which the leaves are made using two layers fused together in the kiln and then painted and fired again. An underrated highly decorative vegetable!


This vibrant piece uses silver stains ( the origin of the term "Stained Glass" ) and paint techniques on both sides of the glass.

Calla Lilies

The lilies are made with a lovely English Handmade red glass and the green background is machine made glass.