Sarah Hunt
Stained Glass Artist - Windows

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Presqui'ile Point Canada

A bathroom door panel to remember a Canadian past made using a variety of techniques - including spongeing and various different paint techniques.

Details from the window showing the free detail using sponges and foam

Cottonwood Trees

Another Canadian window, in autumn colours, also for a bathroom door, best enjoyed by candlelight!.

Detail from above

Printing on the glass using sponges and foam.

Jacobean Embroidery

A pair of windows made for an internal door, based loosely on Jacobean Embroidery

Detail from above

Squirrel painted with traditional stained glass techniques with silver stain to the reverse.

Exotic Leaves

A 3ft high panel in a conservatory door based on exotic leaves to join inside to outside and let plenty of light into a dark corridor

Wild Roses

A small front door panel. The petals are made with a translucent wispy white glass which has been painted on both sides.

Egyptian window

A window with an Egyptian feel based loosely on various North African windows

Swimming Trout

A bathroom fanlight made by fusing metals between two layers of glass

Fenland Fanlight

Another fanlight made with a fenland theme by fusing metals between two layers of glass